Are you looking for a new blogging platform? Is WordPress, Tumblr, and others too clunky / hefty for your simple blog? Make your blog beautiful and light-weight on Github Pages with Jekyll!

I assume you have / are familiar with the following:

  • Node
  • Ruby Gems
  • Git
  • YAML
  • SASS
  • the command line

  • Step 0: Install Jekyll
  • Step 1: Create a GitHub account (if you don’t already have one) – remember the name! ;)
  • Step 2: Create a repo named as follows:
  • Step 2a: If you created the repo via GitHub, clone it down
  • Step 3: $ cd /path/to/cloned/
  • Step 4: $ jekyll new .
  • Step 5: commit (note: master branch displays) and push to the remote

At this point, will be your blog! Take a few moments to learn about Jekyll, creating posts, and making your own templates.